Our Professionals

Our founder, Erika Wilson RN met many healthcare professionals from all walks of life. She remembers how tired she was after working 12 hour shifts  that often turned into 14 hour shifts on her feet, and how frustrating it could be to get everything accomplished before the end of her shift. She truly knows what it is like to provide care for patients and families whose needs never end. As a nurse you always want to do more! It was not too long after that before she began to realize there are some things only a nurse can do. Only a nurse can provide that healing and restoring touch. Erika wanted to do more although ICU will always be her heart. 

She went on to become an Assistant Director of Nursing at a facility specializing in vent patients. Her love for nursing, teaching, and learning grew as she molded into the position. Erika then took the ultimate  position becoming a Director of Nursing. Her love for travel, growth, and the desire to lead by example led her to a unique opportunity as a travel nurse. Erika utilized her medical foundation from an educational standpoint, ICU developed critical thinking skills, passion, empathy and everything embedded in her as a nurse to her advantage. Over time she heard the same needs and felt compelled to make a change taking the biggest stance of her career which was getting out of her comfort zone for the greater good... The bigger picture. Erika Wilson Executive Director is committed to providing quality healthcare professionals to meet your growing requirements. 

From administration to floor staff they spoke and she listened. Her opinion is that travel nursing and staffing is the best job in the industry, so she set out to fix the problems. She identified these problems and solved them! The main points were:

  • Honesty & Integrity 
  • Continued education and in-services.
  • Employee appreciation
  • Making sure we personally meet each candidate face to face prior to hiring.
  • Centrally located office
  • Organized scheduling
  • Background checks and drug testing
  • Reliability

Each of our healthcare professionals are very special and unique they have extensive medical backgrounds that will serve as an asset while in your facility. Our employee's backgrounds are composed of a variety of specialties including but not limited to:  ICU, ER, MED SURG, TELE, HOSPICE, LONG TERM CARE, REHABILITATION, CRITICAL CARE, MEMORY CARE, UNIT MANAGEMENT, ADON and DON